Targeted Growth, Inc.

Targeted Growth, Inc. (TGI) is a crop biotechnology company focused on developing products with enhanced yield and improved quality for the agriculture and energy industries.  TGI believes its technologies will become increasingly valuable in the future as the worldwide demand for food continues to increase.


Founded in 1998, TGI has developed a technology portfolio based on the key insight that regulating cell cycle processes can directly and significantly enhance plant yields.  Because the cell cycle process is fundamental to all plant and animal life, these technologies are uniquely applicable to many, if not all crops.


Over the past ten years, TGI has applied modern breeding and biotechnology techniques to a variety of commercial and emerging crops to produce significant yield increases, already validated over multiple years and in large-scale field trials.  TGI has incorporated modern molecular breeding techniques with targeted genetic adaptations and biotechnology for a comprehensive approach to optimizing the yield characteristics of plants.  TGI's current development programs include enhancements to corn, soybean, canola, rice, and wheat.   

 side-images/field4.jpgCorn Field Trial, 2011

Company Overview

Yield-improved Canola Seed

A global leader in biotechnology, TGI has a proven, fundamental and replicable technology that is scalable across diverse crops.

Canola pre-flowering

TGI is able to optimize the most valuable parts of a plant through rapidly adaptable genetic technologies.

Soybean seed expansion The strength of Targeted Growth’s scientific team led from the lab to field trials of the first generation soybean program in 8 months.
Wheat backcrossing program

TGI has a robust development pipeline of several key agricultural crops at various stages of development.

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